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Meet Janilise Lloyd at Rendezvous ’24

Join authors and readers at JustRead Rendezvous on November 15, 2024, near Chicago, to celebrate stories and enjoy encouraging fellowship. Meet Janilise Lloyd, 2023 Young Adult category finalist for The Christy Award and a participating author, and discover what she’s reading!


About the Author

Janilise LloydJanilise Lloyd is the author of the Christy Award finalist The Whisperer’s Wish. She lives in Northern Utah with her husband and two sons, who teach her to appreciate the small things in life. Janilise has had stories in her head as long as she can remember, but only recently decided to try writing them down. She is a member of ACFW and The Storymakers Guild.

You can learn more about Janilise Lloyd and her books on her website at

Genre: fantasy, young adult

Currently reading: Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson


About the Featured Title

The Whisperer's Wish by Janilise LloydThe Whisperer’s Wish

For sixteen years, Laurelin Moore has been keeping a secret. She is a whisperer, and she knows that to reveal her gift now is a dangerous risk. Past whisperers have been exploited for their power. But Ausland’s queen is dead and acknowledging her magic is her only chance at becoming a Rook in the Pentax—a competition that will decide the kingdom’s next ruler.

Laurelin isn’t in it for the crown, though. She’s after the wish that will be granted to the victor. A wish that would save her dying brother, Pippin. But there are dangerous undercurrents to the competition, and Laurelin finds herself at the center of it. She begins to search for answers and discovers a secret with the potential to shatter the entire kingdom.



Janilise Lloyd 2024 JustRead Rendezvous participating author

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