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Stories and Sweet Fellowship

JustRead Rendezvous is a casual one-day gathering of readers and authors to sweeten reading and storytelling experiences with fellowship and encouragement. The event celebrates Christian fiction and sweet reads with food, giveaways, and books. Rendezvous includes corporate worship, speaker sessions, author panels, small group discussions, games, and author signings.

JustRead Rendezvous

Bookish Bee-ginning

CFRR stewards Bonnie, Annie, and Carrie
CFRR stewards Bonnie, Annie, and Carrie (photo © EA Creative Photography)

Rendezvous is modeled after the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. After years of prayer for an opportunity to bring readers and authors together, avid reader Bonnie Roof founded CFRR with book bloggers “Annie JC” of Just Commonly and “MeezCarrie” of Reading Is My SuperPower, which was first held in 2016. Fueled by a shared passion for Christian fiction and a desire for authors and readers to interact, the stewards facilitated three successful events. Their efforts inspired the creation of similar gatherings before passing the baton.

The organizer of JustRead Rendezvous and owner of JustRead Publicity Tours was profoundly impacted by attending that first event. Beth was also a member of the planning committee for the 2017 and 2019 Christian Fiction Reader Retreat. She is passionate about giving readers and authors a genuinely meaningful experience. Learn more about Beth and JustRead’s story (another bookish beginning by Annie and Carrie) on the JustRead website’s About page.

An Idea Blooms

The Christy AwardJustRead Publicity Tours is a longtime promotional partner of The Christy Award, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s (ECPA) Christian fiction recognition program. During a brainstorming meeting regarding The Christy Award Winners Gala for 2023, a webcast event, a watch party was suggested. Tossing around the logistics of a possible watch party with a meet-and-greet prelude quickly snowballed to include a CFRR-inspired day of bookish fun and fellowship.

JustRead has fully and enthusiastically embraced this opportunity to provide an in-person celebration of finalists and their stories. In future years, we hope Rendezvous will be a welcome and feasible bookend to the ECPA program lineup of PubU (publishers conference), The Art of Writing (authors conference), and The Christy Award Winners Gala.

Drive of the Hive

Regardless of where or how often Rendezvous is held, it will stay true to CFRR standards as a reader event organized by readers, with authors and readers in mind and heart. Fostering genuine connections in a casual setting is a top priority. Fiscally, JustRead Rendezvous is community- and sponsorship-funded, with all funds going directly into the event and giveaways. Participating authors, organizers, and staffers volunteer their time and fund their travel and lodging to keep costs as low as possible for everyone.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the helpers and contributors. A special thank you goes to Annie for her practical groundwork and Carrie for her endless support and handholding. Both are innovative thinkers, invaluable advisors, and always gracious with their time and encouragement. JustRead resources go beyond organization and sponsorship to include an entire hive of volunteer book bees (readers that love buzzing about books and reader events), plus working partnerships with authors, publishers, and industry professionals, the foundation of a book-loving community.

May your love of stories be sweetened by fellowship and encouragement at JustRead Rendezvous and always!

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