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Meet Kimberley Woodhouse at Rendezvous ’24

Join authors and readers at JustRead Rendezvous on November 15, 2024, near Chicago, to celebrate stories and enjoy encouraging fellowship. Meet Kimberley Woodhouse, a participating author and event worship leader, and discover what she’s reading!


About the Author

Kimberley WoodhouseKimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than forty fiction and nonfiction books. Kim and her incredible husband of thirty-plus years live in Colorado, where they play golf together, spend time with their kids and grandbaby, and research all the history around them.

You can learn more about Kimberley Woodhouse and her books on her website at

Genre: romantic suspense, historical romance, dual/multiple timeline fiction

Currently reading: The Hudson Collection by Jocelyn Green


About the Featured Title

70 North70 North

Buckle in for the bone-chilling finale!

The Cyber Solutions team has managed to stay one step ahead of the madman who has killed so many, stopping him before reaching his ultimate goals. From the original 26 Below cyberattack in Fairbanks to the 8 DOWN serial murders in Anchorage and beyond, they matched wits with the killer and won in the end.

But final judgment is coming. And this time, there may be no stopping him.

David “Mac” McPherson has a personal stake in making sure this predator stays down for good. His family died in the Fairbanks attacks. Mac knows that God says “vengeance is mine”–but surely an exception can be made.
Surgeon Tracie Hunter is determined to stay sober and keep saving lives in Fairbanks, Alaska–even if it means being a little obsessive. After all, that same kind of determination is how she kept Mac alive after the monster attacked him. And she won’t let Mac run himself into the grave looking for payback; he’s come to mean too much to her.

Then someone hacks into the system at Tracie’s previous job as a medical examiner and frames her in a murder cover-up. There’s no one else skilled enough to create a digital trail this incriminating–the killer is back in action, exploiting cybersecurity weaknesses that will destroy lives. Can Mac stay focused and stop the next attack when his own personal vulnerability is exposed? Or will his need to make someone pay for his pain allow the maniac to pull ahead and win at last?

Kimberley Woodhouse takes readers on another intense thrill ride in this epic close to her cybercrime series based on real-world possibilities.

More in this Series: 8 Down, 26 Below
Also Available: A Hope Unburied


Kimberley Woodhouse 2024 JustRead Rendezvous participating author

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