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Meet Sara Watterson at Rendezvous ’24

Join authors and readers at JustRead Rendezvous on November 15, 2024, near Chicago, to celebrate stories and enjoy encouraging fellowship. Meet Sara Watterson, a participating author and The Christy Award 2023 winner in the Young Adult category, and discover what she’s reading!


About the Author

Sara WatersonSara Watterson is a fiction writer, author of exciting and clean YA fantasy adventures. When not writing, teaching, or enjoying her kids’ many activities, Sara likes reading on the back porch, drinking coffee, and hanging out with her super-cute hubby. Sara and her family live in central Oklahoma, where she also teaches digital art to high school students.

You can learn more about Sara Watterson and her books on her website at

Genre: fantasy, science fiction, young adult

Currently reading: The God Heist: An Oceans of Sand Novella by Jessica Flory


About the Featured Title

This Dreamer by Sara WatersonThis Dreamer

Can she summon the will to do what is necessary, or will she risk all to save a human?

Evie grows restless observing mortals from afar. When a friend offers to smuggle her by portal into the human world, she jumps at the opportunity. Secretly, though, she also hopes to observe Adan, the human Dreamer. Only a glimpse, she promises herself.

But trouble awaits after her captivating adventure and delayed return. Not only did she take an unsanctioned trip to the ground, but now the boy, the Dreamer, is missing, and her director believes she is to blame.

Donning a human body and wielding a golden blade, Evie must return to the human world and find Adan before her way home is sealed. All while wrestling unfamiliar human emotions and a growing suspicion that she’s caught amid a devious plot already in motion.

The Chronicles of the Marked are clean books for teens and tweens sharing positive messages of purpose, friendship, family, and forgiveness. This Dreamer is full of action, mystery, adventure, and romance inspired by the Old Testament story of Joseph and his dreams.


Sara Watterson 2024 JustRead Rendezvous participating author

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