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Welcome, 2024 Rendezvous Authors!

Participation Information for Author Attendees

2024 JustRead Rendezvous Registered Author Information
Thank you for participating in the second annual JustRead Rendezvous! We hope this event will sweeten your reading and storytelling experiences with fellowship and encouragement. Updated May 22.

Current reader registration: 53
Reader registration goal for 30 authors: 90

Included Opportunities

Author Spotlight

You and your featured title are scheduled for a dedicated spotlight post in the Rendezvous newsfeed and social media promotion. Please share these posts with your audience. Additional graphics are also available in the 2024 media kit.


On Facebook


You are welcome to share or tag the JustRead Rendezvous (reader and author event) in your Facebook posts and mark yourself as going or interested.

Group Community

Connect with fellow Rendezvous attendees and hopefuls in the Rendezvous Roomies and Logistics ’24 Facebook group. Please take a moment to say hello in a comment on the Introduce Yourself post. Share your new releases, book sales, giveaways, etc., in the Book News post’s comments.


Consignment Book Sale Information

The Book Bee (sweet reads pop-up shop) is a consignment book sale for all your featured titles (up to 3) submitted during registration. Our consignment fee will be 5% to cover payment processing fees and a small portion of the setup costs. Customers will also pay 8% sales tax.

Please let Beth know if you need to update your titles due to the change in circumstances. Quantity is at your discretion. Limits will be increased if space allows.

The Book Bee Seller Agreement

You must sign an acknowledgment and acceptance of the agreement before the sale begins.

Please note that individual authors may not sell books during the event. However, individual book giveaways are permitted during the book signing hour.

Please follow the instructions below to register and manage your items in the consignment management portal.

The Book Bee Sweet Reads Pop-Up Shop


Go to (always use this link to sign in)

Click the Create Account button. Enter your information and click the Create Account button.

Under Current Events click TheBookBee/RDV24

Select a seller number or use your number from RDV23. Under How did you hear about us? Select Registered Rendezvous Author

Click the Register me button. Confirm or update your contact information.

Manage Items

Discount and Donate options are disabled.

Click the Add button then select Add (Manual).

Select a category and “size” from the dropdown options.

Enter the book title in Brand(Desc) and any other information such as series, related titles, or publisher in Optional (Series, etc.)

Enter the price and select the number of items you are adding. Click the Add button. 

Repeat for each title/item and click the Close button to finish

Print Tags

Once you have finished creating your tags, click the top checkbox (on the left beside Category) and then click the Print button. This will automatically generate and download a PDF file of your tags.

Print tags on 60-67# cardstock (8 tags per page). For each item to be sold, use only one unique tag with its unique item number. Each book, not each title, needs a unique tag (DO NOT make copies of tags). Use an inkjet printer (no dot matrix) with a “normal” (not best quality) printout. Faded barcodes may not work, and some that are too dark may not work because the lines bleed into each other. The barcode needs to appear crisp and clear. Do not place tape over the barcodes.

We cannot sell your books without unique printed barcode tags.  



Each panel features 6 authors. We can not include everyone on a discussion panel or game, but audience participation (including authors) is encouraged. Topics and assignments will be determined later.


Book Signing

After 5:00 p.m., each author will have a space to sign books for readers. During this time, you are encouraged to mingle and are welcome to hand out swag, such as bookmarks, candies, small goody bags, etc., or giveaway books.



lunch to be determined

afternoon snack to be determined


Optional Opportunites

Discounted Ad Information

Create a PDF or PNG file (high quality for print or 300 dpi) according to the dimensions below to place an ad, article, or devotion in the event program booklet. Email the file to Beth and submit payment. A digital version of the 2023 booklet is embedded below the schedule on last year’s event page.

Ad sizing

Rendezvous authors receive a 10% discount on program placements. Use the links below to submit payment or mail a check payable to JustRead Publicity Tours to the address below.

px width px height size dimensions price
825 637 1/8 page 2.25″x2.125″ $36
825 1275 1/4 page V 2.25″x4.25″ $54
1650 637 1/4 page H 5.5″x2.125″ $54
1650 1275 1/2 page 5.5″x4.25″ $86
1650 2550 full page 5.5″x8.5″ $135
1725 2625 full page with 1/8″ bleed 5.75″x8.75″ $135
3300 2550 2-page spread 11″x8.5″ $203
3375 2625 2-page spread with 1/8″ bleeds 11.25″x8.75″ $203

Ad Payment Check Mailing address – no packages, please:
JustRead Rendezvous
PO Box 66
West Salem, IL 62476

The payment and graphics deadline for ads is Friday, September 27.


Giveaway Prizes and Memorial Gifts

Please let Beth know if you would like to provide a giveaway prize. Or you can make an advance donation towards the grand prize (all authors and readers are eligible) or Bonnie Roof Memorial Gift Fund ($50 cash awarded to randomly selected reader participants) with the links below or mail a check by November 1.

$5 $25 $50 $75 $100

Note: donations via links are slightly reduced by payment processing fees (2.99% credit/debit cards, 1% ACH)

Donation Check Mailing address – no packages, please (mail by October 15):
JustRead Rendezvous
PO Box 66
West Salem, IL 62476

Please drop off giveaway prizes in the Ballroom by no later than 8:00 a.m. on Friday, November 15.


Participant Tote Donations

All Rendezvous participants will receive a tote bag containing donated books and swag from sponsors, donors, and participating authors. Due to distance and venue logistics, please plan to help distribute your donations into the totes before registration (or make advance arrangements for our volunteers to manage your items). Please let Beth know if you want to provide books and/or swag for the totes.

Books can be donated in any quantity for the tote bags, and we will add books from our stash to even up the count if needed. This is a great opportunity to make some room on your inventory shelves.

You may specify your swag as “for reader totes only” if you wish (we encourage you to contribute to all totes if your budget allows). The maximum number of totes is 250; a current count will be updated periodically below.

Current tote count: 53 readers + 27 authors = 80 (updated May 22)

Please keep your contributions to 1 or 2 items for expediency. For example, a bookmark, a pen, a magnet, a sticker, and a securely closed goody bag (regardless of contents) would individually count as one item. No limits on books!

Small items such as bookmarks, stickers, magnets, postcards, etc., that will fit inside each attendee’s large manilla envelope can be mailed in advance.

Mailing address (ship by October 15):
JustRead Rendezvous
1995 County Road 700 E
West Salem, IL 62476


Please email Beth or comment below if you have any questions or concerns. This page will be updated regularly.

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